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Refer a Candidate

Referral Bonus? Yes, Please!

Do you know someone playful, ethical, and generous who is looking for their next adventure? They might just be the right fit for CAC.


Refer a candidate to CAC and receive a $500 Referral Bonus! That’s right; We will give any CAC employee a bonus for every hired referral. It’s that simple. 


Have you already referred someone? Then you know how easy it is. Refer again, and again, and again; we’re giving you a check for every hire!

Referral opportunities in Southern California for:

  • RBTs

  • BCBAs


Additional Referral Information:

  • Only CAC employees are eligible to receive a referral bonus.

  • When a referral is hired, referral payment will be provided by CAC 90 days after the new employee’s start date.

  • There is no limit to the number of referrals you can submit. Receive $500 for every referral we hire!

  • All referral bonus payouts are considered taxable income.

  • If you’re involved in CAC employee recruitment, you are not eligible for a referral bonus.

  • Program eligibility is at the discretion of CAC.


Our teammates are the heart and soul of our organization, and you know us best. So refer a friend today and embrace the adventure!

What Our Team Members Say

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Lindsey B., M.A., BCBA
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