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Our Approach

Combining the best of both worlds

CAC specializes in delivering Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapies and programs for children
living with autism and developmental delays. All ABA programs at CAC begin with an initial
assessment to better understand the unique abilities of each child as well as the family situation. We
then develop individualized therapy programs based on the specific needs identified. CAC’s programs
include our Early Explorers designed to empower parents of children 0-36 months as well as our
center-based ABA program designed for preschool aged children 2-6 years of age.

We are one of the area’s first ABA providers providing center-based therapy across San Diego and
Riverside Counties. Our unique centers provide a dedicated and structured preschool-based
environment designed to support the learning of important foundational skills needed to be

successful once transitioned to a school-based learning environment.


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Our center-based therapy for preschool aged children allows the child to immerse themselves into a structured, stimulating, and caring environment. CAC’s centers are a playful preschool based environment that utilize ABA best practices to maximize each child’s individual potential. With a thoughtfully designed center schedule the opportunity for interactions with peers is embedded across the child’s day at the center.


Early Explorers

In-home therapy allows children to generalize their skills in a safe and recognizable setting. Our behavior therapists travel to the family’s home to provide one-on-one therapy with the child in their familiar and natural setting. This increases a level of comfort and allows for natural learning from both the child and the parents.

Ready to Get Started?

We are here to help guide you along your journey!


Community Cares

At CAC, our goal is to help children develop the skills they need to thrive in a variety of settings beyond the center and the home. To support this goal, we provide opportunities for children with autism to interact with their neuro-typical peers and with the community at large. CAC has fostered community partnerships with city chambers, local non-profits, and military family-focused programs.


The SPG Community

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