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Diagnostic Evaluations


At CAC, a licensed psychologist provides comprehensive developmental evaluations of children 0 to 6 years old (through 6 years 11 months). In such an evaluation, a concern for autism spectrum disorder, global developmental delay or intellectual disability can be investigated and diagnosed, if appropriate. Standardized diagnostic tools, approved by insurance companies, are used.

Diagnosing for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) involves two initial steps: a developmental screening and a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation.

Start Your Journey

STEP 1: Screening

Our Family Liaison will call you to ask a few questions to evaluate whether we provide the services that can answer your concerns.


STEP 2: Insurance

Your insurance company provides us with an authorization to evaluate your child.


STEP 3: Paperwork

Complete our intake form giving us consent to evaluate your child and providing us with basic family information.

STEP 4: Intake

Complete a video intake of about 1 hour with our psychologist to understand your concerns in detail and to provide detailed information on STEP 5.


STEP 5: Assessment + Plan

Complete one visit with the psychologist at our Temecula or San Diego locations for an in-depth assessment, feedback of the results and discussion of treatment plan.

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Meet Our Diagnostician

Koenraad Van Braeckel, PhD.

License: PSY31225

Koen Van Braeckel, PhD, has been a licensed clinical psychologist since 2012 and has been licensed in California since 2019. Koen is a key member of the transdisciplinary clinical diagnostic team at CAC. He is specialized in the assessment of infants and children with developmental, behavioral, learning and visual information processing concerns.

Prior to working at CAC, Koen was employed as a licensed clinical psychologist at Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego. Dr. Koen has extensive experience with clinical research of preterm born children, which resulted in over 30 international, peer-review publications. At CAC, he will use this expertise to set up clinical research into the impact of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)-therapy on behavior of children with autism spectrum disorder.

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